Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Haydn, Joseph. (1732-1809) The (almost) complete Symphonies, No. 59 & 65. Christopher Hogwood edition.

Joseph Haydn.

From my collection.
Date of purchase: April 2013. (Gifted by a friend)
First listen: 3-4-2014.
Label: L'oiseau-Lyre.
CD 15 from 32.
Recording dates: June 1989 & April 1990.
Recording venue: Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London, England.
Recording engineer: Not specifically mentioned.
Running time: 45:41.
Relevance to me: Essential.

Works performed:
Symphony No 59 in A major. (1776) "Feuersymphonie.
No. 65 in A major. 

Works performed by:
Academy of Ancient music, Christopher Hogwood.

I am a tad confused about the key of Symphony No. 62 in A major. Because in my list it is in C major. Could anyone enlighten me?
As I progress in this box, my predominant feeling is that every one of Haydn's symphony is an entity on its own. Packed full with innovative creativity, with lots of surprises along the way. All his symphonies contain so much of the genius he was, that one is never disappointed, and if it must be, than surely in the interpretation. But I find no fault in that either. From the lovely second movement of No. 59, to the first invigorating first movement of No. 65, and so on, one has the sense of awe inspiring music. Everything fits tightly in it's place, through the original instruments which adds what is for me missing in the modern versions. A reference set it is.
Sound is good, apart from some slightly hooting horns when they are given prominence in the compositions.

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