Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Beethoven, Ludwig van. (1770-1827) Symphony No. 3, and Overtures. (Top recommendation)

Ludwig van Beethoven
New acquisition.
Date of purchase: November 2016.
First listen: 12-7-2017.
Label: Zig-Zag territoires.
CD 2 from 6.
Recording dates: May 2006/November 2006
Recording venue: Concertgebouw Brugge, Belgium.
Recording engineer: Bert van der Wolff.
Running time: 67:44.
Relevance to me: Essential.
Reference recording and performance.
Top recommendation.

Works performed: 
Symphony No. 3 opus 55, "Eroica"
Coriolan, overture, opus 62 in D minor.
Egmont, overture, opus 84 in F minor.
Die Ruinen von Athen, opus 113.
Overture in G minor.
Marcia alla turca in B flat major.

Works performed by:
Anima Eterna, Jos van Immerseel.

After having some minor quibbles with the first and second symphonies, I played the third today, and was so not expecting what was coming. Utterly flabbergasted already by the first movement, I definitely was sold when the second movement made its appearance. Immerseel had all his marbles together and delivered a reference performance with this speedy delivery of the third symphony. I can honestly say that his performance is the best I ever heard, replacing David Zinman's take easily. Until then that was my favourite interpretation.
The tempi Immerseel adopts are spot on, his dynamics are all in the right place, and the orchestral balance is to be marveled at. This orchestra is easily the best in the authentic market, outclassing every other performance. All is so fiercely impulsive, yet also controlled, but never at the expense of rhythmic clarity. Never for a moment, integrity is compromised. This Beethoven sounds like a new study in conflict and change, evolution and transformation, so different is this approach. The tempi taken briskly adds to my adrenaline level in no small measure. The orchestral response to Immerseel's conducting is both heroic and uplifting. An intense glowing pulse keeps it heated up until the last note dies down. This is from now on my absolute number one, and I can't hardly wait for the other symphonies. And it does not stop there, for whatever is said and written about the quality of the overtures, Immerseel makes them sound as top notch Beethoven. Exhilarating, propulsive highly detailed, the effect of it all is that you are blown out of your chair. Graced with an translucency that  has a breathless energy, which urges you to play them over and over again. Bloody marvelous. Scintillating!

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