Saturday, July 15, 2017

A few things I ordered...

A bit of a gamble, but then Claudio Astronio is well known for his excellence on the Harpsichord.

This one came highly recommended. And Fux his keyboard oeuvre is not recorded that much.

I do not have a single note of him in my collection, and the samples sounded good!

I have some orchestral music from him which I like, thus the re-release of these SQ prompted me to order them. They come with excellent reviews.

Salvatore, Giovanni. (c.1610-1688) Works for Harpsichord and Organ, plus a Missa.

New acquisition. Date of purchase: November 2017. First listen: 22-11-2017. Label: Glossa. Recording dates: October 1998 & June 1999...