Sunday, June 11, 2017

Valentini, Giovanni. (1582-1649) Musiche Concertate 1619. Vocal and instrumental music.

New acquisition.
Bought in May 2017.
First listen: 11-6-2017.
Second listen: 30-6-2017.
Third listen: 1-8-2017.
Label: CPO.
Recording dates: April 2009.
Recording venue: Deutschlandfunk, Kammermusiksaal, Germany. (place unknown)
Recording engineer: Christoph Rieseberg.
Running time: 58:38.
Relevance to me: Important.

Works performed:
See heading.

Works performed by:
La Capella Ducale-Musica Fiata, Roland Wilson.

Susanne Rydén & Constanze Backes, Sopranos.
Alex Potter, Countertenor.
Hermann Oswald & Markus Brutscher Tenors.
Harry van der Kamp, Bass.

This is a delightful disc. All is perfectly sung and played and recorded. Valentini is a find. It is easy to hear Monteverdi in his compositions, though Valentini's music is perfectly original in it's conception.  The soloists get very nuanced support by the instrumentalists from Musica Fiata, and well sounds the blend of all participants. There is a lovely sort of conversational interplay, with a reflective character. The crisp articulation of the singers, and the clarity thereof, makes for a very easy to follow "chain of flowing excellence". There is poetic beauty and headlong passion, but all very delicately done. Many tantalizing hints of hidden emotions and also dramatic fierceness. Dynamic miniatures with maximum punch. I think it's flawless and very impressive, certainly a disc you should have if you like the times of Monteverdi. The music is forever spiralling upwards, and so is my satisfaction with it.

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