Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Ries, Ferdinand. (1784-1838) Piano sonatas.

New acquisition.
Bought in June 2017.
First listen: 20-6-2017.
Label: CPO.
Recording dates: March 2004.
Recording venue: SWR Stuttgart, Germany.
Recording engineer: Burkhard Pitzer-Landeck.
Running time: 60:23.
Relevance to me: Worthwhile.

Works performed: 
Grande sonate opus 9 in D major.
Grande sonate Fantaisie L'infortuné opus 26 in f sharp minor.
Andantino from Sonatina opus 5,1 and 5,2.

Performed by:
Alexandra Oehler, piano.

I have quite some CD'S filled with music by Ferdinand Ries. Collected them over the years, and this CPO recording with piano sonatas escaped my notice until I finally saw it in the budget bin. And since I have already a very favourable impression of Alexandra Oehler, I quickly ordered it.
No only does Ries write fine orchestral music, but his piano sonatas are wonderfully evocative too. There is a poetic flow in the music and its expression, intimate yet passionate too. Ries has quite a range of emotions on display here,  be it very classical and straightforward. There are some deep dives into a more complex world of thought, and this is in itself a fine contrast, the opus 9 being a good example. Oehler exudes quite some confidence revelling in contrast of dynamics, thus the music has an infectious lilt to it. The compositions are not a dazzling affair at all, so Oehler's sheer control over the textures and quiet dynamics is to be admired. The readings are quite subtle and all is unerringly paced. Ries is an imaginative composer who rather shies away from big or muscular expressions, but rather finds a elegant eloquence which I find refreshing. 
The recording is top notch as is Oehler's interpretation.

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