Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Koechlin, Charles. (1867-1950) Piano Works Volume I. ....des Jardins enchantés.

New acquisition.
Bought in June 2017.
First listen: 27-6-2017.
Label: Hanssler Classics.
Recording dates: December 2007.
Recording venus: Kammermusikstudio Stuttgart, Germany.
Recording engineer: Karlheinz Runde.
Running time: 76:27.
Relevance to me: It's an ongoing learning process.

Works performed:
Andante quasi adagio.
Sonatine opus 87 No. 1,3 & 4.
L'Album de Lilian, opus 39 & opus 149. Extracts. 
Paysages et marines, opus 63.

Performed by: 
Michael Korstick, Piano.

As I said earlier when I reviewed some chamber music for Flute form this composer, that I have a sort of a hate-love relation with this music, and this comes more to the fore in the piano music. There are some disconcerting harmonies that irk me the wrong way. But on the other side there are also beautiful moments, serenely magical with a sense of relaxation. It can lure you quite quickly into melancholy reminiscences, more so as lifting your spirits. There is delight but also a touch of sameness in this music. The music breathes freely and is uncluttered by dazzling or unnerving moments. It's demeanor turns into a sombre and inward lament of some kind. Very effective but a little soulless. But I like the reflective harmonies, so I will get used to the music, but maybe not all. Korstick is a fine piano player, but a touch to slow.
The recording is quite good.

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