Monday, June 26, 2017

Koechlin, Charles. (1867-1950) Chamber Music with Flute. World Premiere Recording.

New acquisition.
Bought in June 2017.
First listen: 26-6-2017.
Label: Hanssler Classics.
Recording dates: February 2004.
Recording venue: Not mentioned.
Recording engineer: Burkhard Pitzner Landeck.
Running time: 55:16.
Relevance to me: Well worth having.

Works performed: 
Épitaphe de Jean Harlow, opus 164.
Trio (Divertissement) opus 91.
Suite en quatuor, opus 55.
Trio opus 92.
Sonate pour deux flûtes, opus 75.
Deux Nocturnes, opus 32.
Sonatine modale opus 152a.
Pièce de Flûte pour lecture à vue opus 128.

Performed by: 
Members of the Radio Symphony Orchestra Stuttgart.
Tatjana Ruhland, Flute.
Yaara Tal, Piano.

Long did I hold back on this composer. I always thought that this dreamlike music was not for me, having already troubles with the likes of Claude Debussy, or Scriabin, etc. Finally though I took the plunge, for 3 of the Hanssler releases were on sale. So my thought was, if it does not work, no man overboard.  But it did work, hesitantly but it worked. Koechlin is more firm in his expression as say Debussy. Rhythmically there is much more going on, and although it has a dreamlike character I found a way in. There is no struggle in this music, it blossoms easily. Late romantic lushness is very much in its genes. There are at times unexpected depths of melancholy in a few of his works, but also countless little touches of imaginative colour and a certain grace. There is contrast but no tension, pure beauty and shimmering waves of almost elusive harmonies. His ingenuity of writing is always at the front of things. Immensely likable music.
I found the performances and recording top notch.

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