Friday, June 16, 2017

Andriessen, Hendrik. (1892-1981) Symphonic Works, Volume III.

New acquisition.
Bought in 2017.
First listen: 16-6-2017.
Label: CPO.
Recording dates: June 2012.
Recording venue: Enschede, Muziekcentrum, The Netherlands.
Recording engineer: Holger Urbach.
Running time: 52:57.
Relevance to me: Essential.

Works performed:
Symphony No. 3. (1946)
Symphonie Concertante. (1962)
Chantecler, Overture.

Works performed by:
Netherlands SO, David Porcelijn.

For me Andriessen is one of the best composers the Netherlands ever had. I consider almost all his compositions as masterworks, and the three works on this disc are no exception from this rule. He never disappoints me. His creativity knows almost no bounds, and his oeuvre is always life affirming. Just sample the gorgeous Sarabande from the Third symphony, conveying an emotional intensity that almost hurts, so beautiful it is. Or the Tema con Variazione, from the Symphonie concertante, with a strong philosophical basis and a contrapuntal virtuosity that makes me gasp almost every 30 seconds. How wonderfully he shades all the dynamics, in which the intricate harmony is so delicately veiled, and were are so many moments of introspection. The instrumental dialogue, with many solo contributions opens up a plethora of brilliance. The insight one gets through this movement into the genius of Andriessen is not to be missed.
The overture is a short bundle of intimate and personal excellence. A sumptuous array of melodic textures with a tinge of melancholy. Porcelijn drilled this orchestra into a high level of performance, and Holger Urbach made a top notch recording. All is well........
Highly recommended.

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