Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Zador, Eugene. (1894-1977) Orchestral Works.

From my collection.
Bought in 2012.
Label: Naxos.
First listen: 11-5-2012.
Second listen: 2-4-2015.
Third listen: 9-5-2017.
Recording dates:September 2010.
Recording venue: Hungarian Radio, Budapest.
Recording engineers: Peter Aczel & Zoltan Pecze.
Running time: 66:49.
Relevance to me: For the sheer technical brilliance it is a must, but listen before you buy.

Works performed:

Aria and Allegro for Strings and Brass.
Five Contrasts for Orchestra.
A Children's Symphony.
Hungarian Capriccio.
Csardas Rhapsody.

Performed by:
Budapest SO, Mariusz Smolij.

Probably no one ever heard of him, neither did I until I bought this disc way back in 2012, That he is unknown to the classical world has to do with the fact that he wrote much music for Hollywood films and such things. Not really a player on the classical market, and this disc lets you hear why. His music is film music, top of the bill mind you, with a extraordinary penchant for contrapunt, he's really good at that, and this colourful music needs images, otherwise they stay brilliant technical exercises. Great fun to listen to, I admire the beautifully crafted works, brimming with rhythmic energy, vibrant, witty, but not as such communicative or emotionally accessible.  There is rather a cold kind of passion, which I find impenetrable. If that is not a problem for you, I would say try it. With Zador the ideas tumbled over each other, without staying with a melody longer than 10 seconds, rather like a bird in spring. Whirling storms of music, and so well scored, better as most of the Hollywood film composers, in fact one of the best. The only work that had some melodic staying power is the last piece on this disc, Csardas Rhapsody, a work written out of folk music from Hungary.

The performance of this orchestra is excellent. The recording is very good, but rather hard on the ear if played a tad too loud. The occasional Flute might penetrate your ear in an unpleasant way.

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