Thursday, May 11, 2017

Venetian Sonatas for winds and Strings from the 17th century. (Castello & Co)

New acquisition.
Bought in May 2017.
First listen: 11-5-2017.
Second listen: 28-6-2017.
Third listen: 1-8-2017.
Label: Challenge.
Recording dates: November/December 2011.
Recording venue: Oud Katholieke Kerk, Delft, The Netherlands.
Recording engineer: Daniël van Horssen.
Running time: 71:21.
Relevance to me: Essential.

Composers on this disc:
Girolamo Frescobaldi.
Dario Castello.
Giovanni Antonio Bertoli.
Biagio Marini.
Giuseppe Scarani.
Giovanni Picchi.

Works performed by:
Caecilia Concert.
Temperament 4th comma meantone-Pitch a-465.

I love this music for wind instruments, and this cd fulfills all wishes one could possibly have. The instruments sound warm, thus the music is really embracing you. The composers on this disc were at the top of their game when they penned down this wonderful evocative compositions, for they are all well written, and in which technical demands are high. A colourful sonority infuses them with resonant warmth. They navigated rapidly and suavely through the music. Many a time there is joyful exuberance and a generosity in the way they present it.  The poise and dexterity with which the soloists play has an positive effect in understanding the beautiful harmonies.
It is well recorded.  

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