Friday, May 5, 2017

Schein, Johann Hermann. (1586-1630) & Scheidt, Samuel. (1587-1654)

New acquisition.
Bought in 2017.
First listen: 5-5-2107.
Second listen: 23/24-5-2017.
Third listen: 20-6-2017.
Label: Virgin Veritas. (2 cd's)
Recording dates: February/October 1978 & January 1983.
Recording venue: Katholische Kirche, Seewen/Basel & Séon, Kirche (CH)
Recording engineers: Paul Dery & Johann Nikolaus Matthes.
Running time: 77:09 & 76:39.
Relevance to me: Essential music to have.

Works performed: 
Banchetto musicale.
Suite 2/6/16/20.  
Cymbalum Sionium.

Ludi Musici.

Other composers on this disc are:
Giovanni Gabrieli.
Giuseppe Guami.
Andrea Gabrieli
Canzoni da Sonare.

Works performed by:
Hespèrion XX, Jordi Savall.

Considering their age, the recording sounds incredibly fresh. As if it was recorded yesterday so to say. I have from different performers the music that is on the two discs in this set, thus I knew what was coming, which is not a bad thing either. I am duly impressed by what I hear. The ease and tonal balance is amazing. Alert and invigorating playing of a very high level. There is a clarity in their articulation which proves very beneficial to the music. The scale of performance is intimate, quiet and serene. The compositional genius is in all the works I hear. The music is bubbling with energy, and Hespèrion XX almost gets airborne in their enthusiasm. Speeds are never too fast. There is a solemnity that comes out rather measured but is in all effects creating a luminous clarity. Which is fine by me. Of course there are many competing versions of this music around, but this one can live happily with them.

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