Thursday, May 18, 2017

Knights, Maids and Miracles. NOX-LUX. The Spring of the Middle Ages. France & England, 1200-1300. CD 5.

From my collection.
Bought in November 2016..
First listen:17-1-2017.
Second listen: 18-5-2017
Label: Arcana.
CD 5 from 5.
Recording dates: October 2000.
Recording venue: Abbey of Rosazzo, Manzano, Udine, Italy.
Recording engineers: Michel Bernstein and Charlotte Gilart de Kéranfléc'h.
Running time: 63:10.
Relevance to me.: Essential.

Works performed:
See heading.

Works performed by:
La Reverdie.

Absolutely smashing music. I have written quite a lot about the quality of this ensemble and the music. It would fill a book of some size to tell there is to know about the origins of the music, and the performance style. I think La Reverdie made all the right choices in instruments, and created an accord between each other that makes for perfect harmony, especially in the voice material. The music from that time makes for fascinating insights. Very much recommended.

Trabaci, Giovanni Maria. (1575-1647) Organo Napoletano. Second rerun.

From my collection. Date of purchase: January 2018. First listen: 6-2-2018. Second rerun: 24-2-2018. Label: Arion. Recording dates: Jun...