Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Knights, Maids and Miracles. Mediæval Echos of Celtic Femininity. (Insula Feminarum) CD 4.

From my collection.
Bought in: November 2016.
First listen: 10-1-2017.
Second listen: 17-5-2017.
Label: Arcana.
CD 4 from 5.
Recording dates: March 1997.
Recording venue: Abbey of Rosazzo, Manzano, Udine, Italy.
Recording engineers: Charlotte de Kéranflèc'h and Klaus Neumann.
Running time: 64:15.
Relevance to me: Essential.

Works performed:
Serca (Amores) 
"Ysot ma drue, Ysot m'amie en vus ma mort, en vus ma vie"
(Gottfried von Straßburg, Tristan, c.1225)

Banflaith. (Regalitas)
"Rex ést pax populorum, cura languorum, temperies aeris serenitas maris, terre fecunditas.
(Anonymous -Ireland, De XII Abusivis seculli 8th century)

Echtrai. (Casus)
"Ni raba-sa-riam cenfer scath araile ocum"
(Tain Bó Cuailnge, 9th century.

Fisi (Visione)
"I saw a swete semly syght a blisful birde, a blossum that murnyng made & mirth of-mange". 
(Anonymous-England, 14th century)

Performed by: 
La Reverdie.

As with the previous CD'S in this box I am thoroughly enchanted by what I hear. For most people it takes some adapting to this music, but for me it sounds quite natural and unspoiled. It is after all a dip in times far away, and gives a fairly good impression of how this music might have sounded. A world so far away that it is almost a miracle to have music from that time at all. The synergy that is with La Reverdie, is beyond imagining beautiful, and feels so close to that time. The strangeness of this performing style is one that does not come easy to most listeners, but it's worthwhile to sit still and let the sound get into your system. It will not take long before it is mesmerizing you into the world it tries to portray, and it feels like a privilege to be with them. The sound is exemplary.

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