Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hartmann, Karl Amadeus. (1905-1963) Webern, Anton. (1883-1945) Berg, Alban. (1885-1935. Orchestral Works.

From my collection.
Bought in February 2010.
First listen: 5-2-2010.
Second listen: 28-3-2010.
Third listen: 23-5-2017.
Label: EMI classics.
Recording dates: 1994 & 1995.
Recording venue: Bamberg, Sinfonie an der Regnitz, Germany.
Recording engineer: Herbert Frühbauer.
Running time: 55:36.
Relevance to me: Essential.

Works performed:
Symphony No. 6 (1953).
Six pieces for Orchestra, opus 6. (1929)
Three pieces for Orchestra. (Version 1929)

Performed by:
Bamberger Symphoniker, Ingo Metzmacher.

Seven years ago I bought this disc, and had forgotten all about it. A collector's problem.
Ever since I heard orchestral works by Hartmann I became more than a bit interested in his soundworld, and am slowly collecting bits and bobs from his oeuvre.. Both works by Webern and Berg are a very welcome addition on this disc. For me Hartman's music has a certain magical atmosphere, and at the same time it can feel like solid bricks being thrown at you. There is almost a martial energy in the second movement, as if going to combat imaginary forces. Technically very assured music, conveying an emotional intensity and energy, with vivid contrasts and a contrapuntal virtuosity that made me gasp at times. Rhythms can be disquieting without losing its forward motion. There are moments of introspection as in the first movement, delicately veiled, which are very impressive. The tonal spectrum is wide but never ugly. I love this symphony.
Both the pieces by Webern and Berg have many similarities for me. I like the soft forward motion in the music, a intense pulsating rhythm, but never with too loud a beat. It can be very calm, with an inward serenity and honesty in it's expression. The orchestral writing is flexible, assuming an almost magical, intimate and intensely emotional guise. It can be fiercely impulsive, though never at the expense of clarity. Again the tonal spectrum is wide but always inviting. I think the interpretation by this orchestra superb, and the recording is State of the Art.

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