Friday, May 5, 2017

Harmonia Caelestis. Caprice and Conceit in Seicento Italy. Virtuosic 16-17th Italian instrumental music for the sensuous combination of Cornett, Violin & Viol.

New acquisition.
Bought in 2017.
First listen: 5-5-2017.
Label: Signum.
Recording dates: May 2004.
Recording venue: St. Andrew's Church Toddington, Gloucestershire, England.
Recording engineer: Adrian Hunter.
Running time: 60:11.
Relevance to me: Essential music.

Composers on this disc:
Gregorio Strozzi.
Antonio Bertali.
Andrea Falconieri.
Girolamo Frescobaldi.
Tarquinio Merula.
Claudio Monteverdi.
Carlo Francesco Pollarolo.
Alessandro Stradella.
Carlo Farina.
Giovanni Paolo Cima.
Alessandro Piccinini.
Francesco Cavalli.
Giulio Mussi.
Giovanni Antonio Terzi.
Giovanni Picchi.
Giovanni Bassano.
Bernardo Gianoncelli.
Bernardo Pasquini.
Salomone Rossi.
Giovanni Salvatore.
Giovanni Battista Vitali.

Performed by:
Charivari Agréable.

On this disc you hear the repertoire for the Cornett and Violin. Interesting because the marriage between the two instruments is tonally a perfect match. The cornett has an appealing sensuous tone, that sits well with many other instruments besides. You hear immediately that there is a tonal similarity with the human voice, an attribute poetically likened by Marin Mersenne (1636) to "A brilliant ray of sunshine piercing the shadows", and so it is on this very successful recording, brimful with composers that had a go at this instrument, and thereby producing a most delightful image into the world of the Cornett in the 16-17 century. A beautiful pastiche.
Imaginative, hugely interesting, with a undeniable sonically potential draw in factor. The compassion of the musicians project well within their parameters and they have a fine sense of long lined-control. It's like a soft wind blowing over a green pasture. A resounding success both interpretatively and recording wise. It perfectly reflects its time in rich colours.

Tartini, Giuseppe.(1692-1770) The Complete Violin Concertos. CD 20-29.

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