Monday, May 8, 2017

Biber, Heinrich Ignaz Franz. (1644-1704) The complete Violin Sonatas. Salzburg 1681. CD 3.

New acquisition.
Bought March 2017.
First listen: 8-5-2017.
Label: Brilliant. ( 5 cd's)
CD 3 from 5.
Recording dates: 2016.
Recording venue: Westvestkerk, Schiedam, The Netherlands.
Recording engineer: Peter Arts.
Running time: 55:11.
Relevance to me: Essential.

Works performed:
Violin Sonatas.
No 1 in A.
No.2 in D.
No.3 in F.
No.4 in D.
No.5 in E minor.

Works performed by:
Ensemble Violini Capricciosi.
Igor Ruhadze, Violin.

[Biber is widely known to represent the pinnacle of 17th century violin playing and composition, due to their technical difficulty. His extensive use of scordatura, the practice of re-tuning the violin strings is well known, and documented.  Maybe he was not the only composer to do this, but he was the undisputed master, above all others.]

There is no doubt in my mind that Ruhadze puts an interpretation down that has to be in everybody's collection. He plays almost effortlessly and strikes a perfect balance between stillness and surging expression. It is in fact a masterclass in textural balance and pacing. Fine contrasts most effectively applied throughout the sonatas. There is almost an degree of inevitability in acquiring this set. They are so well prepared and marvellously sympathetic to listen to, that I can not imagine anyone to ignore this set. The technical finesse is amazing, with some glorious melodies that simply builds and builds. Crystalline sonorities and pinpoint clarity of articulation. To my ears everything is just as it should be. 
Try them, they are to be had for a small price, and you gain great musical riches.
The recording is bright and detailed. Ruhadze is aided by a top notch BC.

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