Friday, April 14, 2017

Weinberg, Mieczyslaw. (1919-1996) String Quartets. Volume VI. Conclusion.

From my collection.
Bought in February 2014.
Label: CPO.
First listen: 24-2-2014.
Second listen: 14-4-2017.
Recording dates: 2008/2009.
Recording venue: Köln, Studio  Stolbergstraße, Germany.
Recording engineer: Arnd Coppers.
Running time: 74:51.
Classical relevance to me: Essential.


SQ No. 2, opus 3/145.
SQ No. 12, opus 103.
SQ No. 17, opus 146.


Quatuor Danel.
Marc Daniel and Gilles Millet, Violins.
Vlad Bogdanas, Viola.
Guy Danel, Cello.

The last CD in this series, and a fine conclusion it is. The Danel Quatuor is a excellent ensemble, that have shown no weaknesses in performing these difficult works. Weinberg like Shostakovich is a composer that is not easy to access, at least for me, because his music is drenched in melancholy and has a tendency to make you contemplative to such a depth, that it is hard to get out of that emotion. I had to learn that the hard way, at one time even dismissing these works, while reasoning with myself, why I felt so deeply immersed, and to learn to get out at a instant when required. I will not repeat this process in explaining, but it worked for me, after which I could resume listening to these wonderful quartets.

As said, these works will make you seldom happy, yet his compositions are very transparent, and even carry sun rays into the context, some absurd dissonances are in the bargain too.  You have to be prepared to walk into regions of your mind with this music, that you would rather avoid. Not doing it, means that you will never enter or understand the full meaning of this music: which carries a message, far beyond what the notes tell you. And the outcome is different for every individual. If you are already gloomy, then avoid these works. Your sunny mood must be unquenchable.  I enjoyed them.
Superb recording and performance.

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