Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tobias Hume, The First part of Ayres-Captain Hume's Musicall Humours (1605)

From my collection.
Bought in September 2013.
First listen: 1-10-2013.
Second listen: 12-4-2017.
Recording dates: 23-25 April 2009. 
Recording venue: St, Andrew's Church, Toddington, Gloucestershire, England.
Recording engineer: Adrian Hunter.
Running time: 70:44.
Classical relevance to me: Well worth having.

Works performed: 
See heading.

Performed by:
Susanne Heinrich, viola da Gamba.

Having acquired already the complete Naxos recordings "And very good they are", I thought there was no harm in acquiring yet another set of this music, incomplete as it is. For Susanne Heinrich is a gifted musician, and her gamba has a beautiful tone, expertly captured by this recording. These works were never meant for public performance, and frankly it would not hold your attention there for long. This is meant for home concerts, intimate surroundings, with a glass of malt in your hand, and some woodfire in the background. A cozy surrounding is what this music needs. Hume wrote inventive music, not run of the mill, and every piece tells a different story. A fascinating journey it is, but one that could put you vastly to sleep.

Salvatore, Giovanni. (c.1610-1688) Works for Harpsichord and Organ, plus a Missa.

New acquisition. Date of purchase: November 2017. First listen: 22-11-2017. Label: Glossa. Recording dates: October 1998 & June 1999...