Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The White haired Girl (Suite). Chinese Music series.

From my collection.
Bought in 2010.
First listen: 16-9-2010.
Second listen: 17-11-2012.
Third listen; 11-4-2017.
Label: Marco Polo.
Recording dates: April 1979.
Recording venue: Iruma Prefectural Hall, Japan.
Recording engineer: Hiroshi Isaka.
Running time: 46:25.
Classical relevance to me: Essential.

Works performed: 
Spring Festival Overture.
Ballet Suite from "The White Haired Girl"
Heroes Monument.

The White haired girl

Heroes monument

Performed by:
Tokyo PO, Lim Kektjiang.

The booklet is a total let down in terms of giving proper information. 
The Suite seems to derive it inspiration from folk music, and melodies from local operas, and is scored for full orchestra. The story takes place during the Sino-Japanese war. It has some of the brilliancy as used by Rimski Korsakov, and some imitation of Chinese instruments or at least to the kind of effect which is to be found in Chinese instrumental music.
The Heroes monument is erected in Peking. The composer of this music seems to be Chu Wei. The rest of the info explains some heroic happenings which are depicted in the score.
The music is beautiful, original, and has a simple but very effective scoring. It belongs to my treasured disc department.
The recording is really very good. An open sound stage, with plenty of detail. Close to State of the Art actually. The sonics are especially smashing in the lower section of the orchestra, which gives the rest of the orchestra the ompff. The performance of this orchestra is top notch, and it is well conducted.

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