Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Taneyev, Sergei Ivanovich. (1856-1915) String Trios. Top recommendation.

From my collection.
Bought in November 2013.
First listen: 8-11-2013.
Second listen: 25-4-2017.
Label: Hyperion
Recording dates: 19-19 Januari 2008.
Recording venue: Potton Hall, Suffolk, England.
Recording engineer: Simon Eadon.
Running time: 67:29.
Classical relevance to me: Essential.
Reference performance.
State of the Art Recording.
Top recommendation.

Works performed:

String Trio in E flat major, opus 31.

In B minor
In D major.

Works performed by:
Leopold String Trio.

It will be hard finding better performances of these trios. They are of such excellence that I doubt one could do better.  Lately I was re-listening some of his String Quartets, and curious after the trio's so I got this one out of one of the piles in my listening room.  When Tchaikovsky read the score of the D major he was astonished by Taneyev's skill. Sad to know than that it only had one performance in his lifetime, and remained unpublished until 1956. I can hardly imagine that such well crafted music was so utterly ignored! The E flat major opus 31 is a substantial work. The third movement is surely one of the best this composer ever wrote. The B minor on which Taneyev worked in 1913 was almost his last composition and so seen as his swansong in the genre. He did not live to finish the work and when it was finally published in 1940  the editors did some dubious reconstruction on the composition. It is a sombre and troubled work, at least that is the feeling when listening to it. Nevertheless, this is top drawer Taneyev and all admirers could not possibly do without this Hyperion recording. Truly an exceptional disc.

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