Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Richafort, Jean. (c.1480-c.1547) Requiem. Top recommendation.

From my collection.
Label: Harmonia Mundi.
First listen: 17-2-2014.
Second listen: 25-4-2017.
Recording dates: July 2000.
Recording venue: Eglise Saint-Sylvain a Saint Sauvant, Saintonge, France.
Recording engineer: Markus Heiland.
Running time: 60:53.
Classical relevance to me: Essential.
Top recommendation-Performance.
State of the Art sound.


Requiem ( In memoriam Josquin Desprez) for six voices.
1) Laetamini in Domino, for 4 voices.
2) Sufficiebat nobis paupertas, for 4 voices.
3) Salve Regina, for 5 voices.
4) Ne vous chaile mon coeur, for 4 voices.
5) Tru tru trut avant, for 3 voices.
6) Il n'est si douce vie, for 4 voices.


Huelgas Ensemble, Paul Van Nevel.

He is without doubt one of the most important polyphonist of the first half of the 16th century. All the works on this CD are witness to that. Yet despite him being famous in his time, and despite the fact that he wrote a large amount of works, little is known about him and his life. Just a few facts are known, the rest is a blank.  The music is extremely beautiful, such fine writing for the voices, a delicacy that amazes me. The flow of his music is so organic, and is sung so naturally, that is almost seems to me, as if they flow in midair. As if not touched by the vulgarity of life, but rather falling from above over us mortals by a gesture of grace by God. The performance is perfect, there is no doubt about that, as is the performance. The choir has such a balance, that you got the impression that they are floating mid-air touching heaven in all its spiritual glory. Dynamics are carefully judged. A constant flow, each voice not upsetting the other, one voice, a sublime utterance. I cannot stress enough how good it actually is, and that it is also a necessity for anybody liking this kind of music, to have it forthwith. I doubt you get it any better as with this ensemble.

Tartini, Giuseppe.(1692-1770) The Complete Violin Concertos. CD 20-29.

New acquisition. (2017) First listen: 18-20-4-2018 Label: Dynamic. CD 20-29 from 29. Recording dates: 2004/2005/2006/2007/2008.2009/2010...