Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pizzetti, Ildebrando. (1880-1968) Orchestral Music.

From my collection.
Bought in 2010.
First listen: 19-2-2010.
Second listen: 15-3-2010.
Third listen: 6-4-2017.
Label: Hyperion.
Recording date: December 1998.
Recording venue: Greyfriars Church, Edinburgh, England.
Recording engineer: Tony Faulkner.
Running time: 76:03.
Classical relevance to me: Well worth having.

Works performed:
Rondò Veneziano.
Preludio a un Altro Giorno.
L'Edipo Re di Sofocle.
La Pisanella.

Performed by:
BBC Scottish SO, Osmo Vänskä.

Impressionistic, mystical, highly intellectual, a master of tonal and orchestral colour, contrasting all those elements, and a  melodically tight control makes this music a grand tone poem in one movement, brilliantly orchestrated and sublime in the detailing, this music makes you gasp at its sheer invention of repeatingly finding new ways of defining music. His filigree instrumentation with micro weaving tiny elements in the grand picture is amazing, and delivers itself in a tapestry of dazzling excellence. He is very much his own man, and although you may find some remnants of influence from composers such as Casella, Malipiero, you can not say that much is derivative. He is sort of an entity on his own. Romantic with neoclassical elements, and an insistence urge to please, this music makes itself known through this CD in most definitive way, by the hands of this excellent orchestra and conductor, aided by an superb recording

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