Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lobos Villa, Heitor. (1887-1959) Piano Trios , No 1 & 3.

From my collection.
Bought in 2010.
First listen: 16-8-2010.
Second listen: 23-8-2010.
Third listen: 12-4-2017.
Label: Marco Polo.
Recording dates: March 1989.
Recording venue: Tonstudio van Geest, Heidelberg, Germany.
Recording engineer: Teije van Geest.
Running time: 63:00.
Classical relevance to me: Essential.

Works performed:
Piano trio No. 1 in D minor. (1911)
Piano trio No. 3. (1918)

Works performed by:
Antonio Spiller, Violin.
Monique Duphil, Piano.
Jay Humeston, Cello.

I forgot how beautiful these trios are. Last played in 2010, memory did not serve me the knowledge about this music readily. But when the first movement of the first piano trio came in perfect harmony out of my speakers the memory came back. Chamber music by Villa Lobos does not come naturally to me, for there is simply not that much in my collection, apart from the String Quartets. The C minor is a lovely and easy going work, with plenty of emotion coming to the surface without to much of a struggle. It has a certain intensity that makes the work rather special, and this you can hear in every single movement. As a whole this work is lovable and shows Villa Lobos his creativity in a complementary way. Now the Third piano trio is a different kettle of fish, for it's mien is much more serious, and it's intensity goes much deeper. Gone is the easy flow and the carefree character. It is a demanding work, with a greater tonal ambiguity, but has the same extravagance of melody a lyrical imagination, and probes deeper into  expressiveness. For me it encircles a musical world which has a strong appealing character, and so you will addictive quality. Complementary to it all is the excellent performance of the musicians involved, none of them known to me. Antonio Spiller was at the time of the recording concertmaster of the Bavarian Radio SO, Monique Duphil is highly regarded as a chamber music performer, and has appeared with many famous people. She is married to Jay Humeston who is the principal cellist of the Hong Kong PO. He gives a lot of recitals with his wife all over the world. Be it as it may, with this CD you buy quality in all quarters. Really an fantastic performance in good sound.

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