Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Guido, Giovanni Antonio. (c.1675-after 1728) Le Quattro Stagioni, opus 3. Complete.

From my collection.
Bought in February 2017.
First listen: 22-2-2017.
Second listen: 26-4-2017.
Label: Divine Art.
Recording dates: April 2004.
Recording venue: New College Oxford, England.
Recording engineer: David Lefeber.
Running time: 66:05.
Classical relevance to me: Very interesting recording.

Works performed:
See heading.

Works performed by:
The Band of instruments, Roger Hamilton.
Caroline Balding, Violin.

Composer and performers were totally unknown to me. I was attracted by this composer because of the title of his opus 3. Of course Vivaldi comes to mind right away, and curious after his take on the Seasons, I ordered this CD. Guido is and remains a mysterious figure. Little is known of him. His origins appears to be Genoese where he was born in about 1675. He ended up in France and made a name for himself. The opus 3 must be dated around 1716-1717 and carries a dedication to Adrien Maurice de Noailles, Comte d'Ayen.  Be that as it may, Guido delivered a fine set of concerti. It does not have the quality of Vivaldi, but they are interesting anyway. Melodious creative little gems brought boldly forward by the Band of instruments. Solid performances and bit stiff in the loins, and somewhat rigid in tempi. It misses the Joi de vivre, and tends to be more serious as it should be. But on the whole this recording gives enough pleasure to be a keeper in my collection. Not that there is any alternative to this recording. The playing is expertly done, as is the recording. A fine documented booklet tells us what is known about Guido, which is as said before not much. A perfect presentation as a whole.

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