Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fasch-Telemann-Bach, J.L.-Zelenka. Suites and Overture. (CD 2 Top recommendation)

From my collection. 
Bought in February 2017.
First listen: 2-3-2017.
Second listen: 25-4-2017.
Label: Erato-Veritas.
CD 2 from 2.
Recording dates: January 1991.
Recording venue: Reformierte Kirche, Arlesheim, Switzerland.
Recording engineer: Hartwig Paulsen.
Running time: 69:40.
Classical relevance to me: Well worth having. Top recommendation.

Composers and works performed:

Johann Friedrich Fasch. (1688-1758)
Suite in C major.

Georg Philipp Telemann. (1681-1767)
Suite "La Musette" in G minor.

Johann Ludwig Bach. (1677-1731)
Suite in G major.

Jan Dismas Zelenka. (1679-1745)
Overture a 7 concertanti in F major.

Performed by:
Freiburger Barockorchester, Thomas Hengelbrock.

CD 2 of this set offers four composers, all in their  artistic prime. On the first CD we have the suites of Johann Bernhard Bach, which performance I found too formal, as if in a straightjacket.
Fortunately this is the other way around on CD 2. The playing is inspired and alert, beginning with the wonderful suite by Fasch. He is always a pleasure to listen to, for being an excellent orchestrator, his writing for Oboes and Bassoon is exemplary and quite unique. Catchy melodies, and beautiful harmonies I say! This suite is a marvel.
Telemann's suite in G minor has a lot to show for too. It is a very approachable work, light on its feet, but full with surprising melodies and also some expert scoring for winds. Nice bass lines in the Musette movement.
Johann Ludwig Bach's suite in G major was new to me. Never heard it before. This suite starts with a very breezy overture, almost lightweight in expression but not in content. Again as with the others some good scoring for winds, and plenty of fine melodies.
Zelenka needs no praise, the man is as famous as he ever could be. A master in his trade shows his mastery in the Overture in F major. A fine example of what he was capable of. Much admired by J.S. Bach.
The recording is top notch as is the performance.

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