Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Deutsch, Max. (1892-1982) A film Symphony in 5 acts.

From my collection. 
Bought in 2011.
First listen: 25-3-2011.
Second listen: 9-4-2014.
Third listen: 26-4-2017.
Label: CPO.
Recording dates: 2002.
Recording venue: Ludwigshafen, Philharmonie.
Recording engineer: Axel Sommerfeld.
Running time: 74:04.
Classical relevance to me: Essential

Works performed:

Der Schatz, A Film Symphony.

Performed by:

Staatsphilharmonie-Rheinland Pfalz, Frank Strobel.

I never saw the film for which this music was intended, but as a fact, this music really does not need the film to blossom. The music is so good, that it is a monument in itself.  This is the first film Symphony ever written, made for a silent film by Georg Wilhelm Pabst, who was a major figure in the German silent film world. What I have seen of him, is artistically of a high level, and so is this music. Deutsch has created to my ears a masterwork, that calls up so many images, without images, that I fall from one surprise in another in this 74:00 minutes long work, and never a boring moment, mind! A score masterly put together from a composer that has long been forgotten, but who was so wise as to give this score into the hands of others shortly before he died, so it may survive, although it was badly damaged. The restoration was a lot of improvisation, for in part it had to be re-scored from fragments. As I listen to it I feel that this music is intended as authentic art music, and so it is. As a sidenote it is interesting to know that during the composition Deutsch was in close contact with his friend and fellow composer, Ferruccio Busoni, who was greatly intrigued by this art form, and its creative process. We are lucky that Deutsch was in his tonal phase, for later he began to experiment in the realm of atonal music. The film was restored in 1999, and so the music was. It has been a great success in the cinemas. Great performance. The recording is very detailed with a good front to back image.

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