Friday, April 28, 2017

Busch, William. (1901-1945) Orchestral Works.

From my collection.
Bought in 2010.
Label: Lyrita.
Warning: CD-R copy.
First listen: 10-3-2010.
Second listen: 27-3-2014.
Third listen: 28-4-2017.
All technical info is absent, either in booklet or on the CD.
Production date 2007.
Running time: 51:51.
Classical relevance to me: Essential.


Cello Concerto. (1940-41)
Piano Concerto. (1937-8)


Raphael Wallfisch, Cello.
Piers Lane, Piano.
Royal PO, Vernon Handley.

It was some four years ago, that I bought a bunch of Lyrita cd's, out of the blue. I saw some interesting names and dates, and since the price was low, I decided to take the plunge with some unknowns on the list. William Busch was one of them. A name I never saw or heard before, and thus the adventure began with him. It was the first from the pile I bought that I played. My first impression of his music is that it is honed and disciplined, but never is there a hint in intellectual contrivance. They called him a distinctive and minor composer in the 1980 edition of Grove. To describe his music I would say that it is extremely economical almost to the point of starkness. But his music is distinctly English, with this typical Pastoral blending over the music. There are of course some continental influences, him being from German heritage, but predominantly English, since he was born there. And imbedded in all this is his great friend and teacher Alan Bush, (not related) that gave him at least part of this continental influences.  There is no waste of notes with William, every note counts, and cannot be taken out without leaving a substantial hole in the music. Melodies in abundance, lyricism as long as the music stretches, flamboyant,, this all giving the background for his music. There is much dialogue between soloist and orchestra in both concertos, which gives much pleasure listening at. Maybe not great music, but well worth to have and to hear. Just think Finzi, some Bax, and the spikiness of say Arthur Benjamin, another composer that has been neglected. 

It is well performed. The recording is top notch.

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