Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Braga Santos, Joly. (1924-1988) Orchestral works.

From my collection.
Bought in 2012.
First listen: 24-1-2012.
Second listen: 3-4-2014.
Third listen: 11-4-2017.
Label: Naxos.
Recording dates:  March 2011.
Recording venue: RSNO Centre, Henry Wood Hall, Glasgow, Scotland.
Recording engineer: Phil Rowlands.
Running time: 72:36.
Classical relevance to me: Essential.


Symphonic Overture, No. 3. (1954)
Elegy in memory of Vianna da Motta. (1948)
Alfama: Ballet Suite. (arr. Alvaro Cassuto) [1956] World premiere recording.
Variations for Orchestra. (1976) WPR.
Three Symphonic Sketches. (1962)


Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Alvaro Cassuto.

There is not a single work on this CD which I do not adore, but especially his ballet. Braga Santos wrote this because he needed some money, and did not think much about it. I am happy that Cassuto thought otherwise, and he was dead right, for it's a gorgeous orchestrated work, that had me all in feathers. But no matter, whatever he touched, it turned into good music. The invention and unbounded creativity is a balm to my ears. His harmonious language is like a warm and light blanket, through which all can be felt and heard. In his early works he is a true romantic, but in the Variations you hear the other side of this composer, a very insistent voice, with some hard hitting notes. It's all in the realms of tonality, but rather more stretched. The Three Symphonic Sketches is going on in the same vein. I admit that I like his earlier composing style much more, but can appreciate his later style.

Sound is almost demonstration class. As a performance there is nothing to complain.

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