Thursday, April 20, 2017

Bach, CPE. (1714-1788) The Complete Organ Works, concertos for Organ and Strings.

From my collection.
Bought in 2016.
First listen:  CD 1: 10-1-2016. Second listen: 20-4-2017.
First listen: CD 2: 19-1-2017. Second listen: 20-4-2017.
Label: Ligia.
Recording dates: October/December 1998 & June 2014.
Recording venue: Temple de Bouclier Strasbourg & Eglise St. Louis, Vichy, France.
Recording engineer: Eric Baratin.
Running time CD 1:  79:40. CD 2: 80:05.
Classical relevance to me: Essential

Works performed:
See heading.

Works performed by:
Olivier Vernet,  Organ.

Instrument used: CD 1.
Dominique Thomas (2007)
Tuning a 415 Hz at 18 degrees.
Temperament: Tempérament au cinquième de coma.

Bernard Aubertin (1991) CD 2.
Tuning: á= 440Hz.
Temperament: Kirnberger III.

Orchestre D'Auvergne, Arie van Beek.

First review of CD 1.First of all I have to say that the recording is top notch and that the organ is well placed and sounds gorgeous. A modern organ, but with a fine sound. Vernet takes care not to overblow the music, but carefully applies the volume and expression to match it's character. The organ is a well balanced instrument. Not often I encounter an organ that has all the characteristics of an old instrument, but this one has. As to the music I think that there is plenty to enjoy, some of his organ compositions are brilliantly conceived and highly virtuosic. As to the melodic content, even there is a lot to be happy about. He was a creative composer, open to innovation, and by that caused quite a stir in his time, and still does really.

First review of CD 2.
I enjoyed this twofar very much. For one Olivier Vernet is doing his utmost to make these works shine. He is very alert in pointing out the finer notes in the score, without blowing it out of proportion, what could be easily done on this Aubertin Organ, when I look at the registers. Yet due to his approach you never feel that this organ is new, but at once feel comfortable. Aubertin is an organ builder with his heart and ears in the right place. As for the music, well it has substance, and is well crafted. There is not a single work with irritating weaknesses.
As to the recording, I think they allowed a bit too much echo in this church. Ideally it should be 2 seconds maximum, but this church is giving 4-5 seconds. The volume gets a bit to wide, and due to the echo a bit fuzzy. You hear this when the orchestra comes in. Eric Baratin was probably not able to do anything about it.  Arie van Beek is clearly aware of this for he does his utmost to keep the dynamics within reason. Notwithstanding this issue, the recording is otherwise quite good. The organ sounds like a charm.

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