Thursday, March 23, 2017

Vecchi, Orazio. (1550-1605( Requiem. Ruben's funeral and the Antwerp Baroque.

New acquisition.
New release 2017.
Bought in March 2017.
First listen: 23-3-2017.
Label: Glossa.
Recording dates: February 2016.
Recording venue: Church of Saint Rémi, Franc-Waret, Belgium.
Recording engineer: Alexandre Fostier.
Running time: 67:00.
Classical relevance to me: Essential.

Works performed:

Orazio Vecchi.
Requiem-Missa pro defunctis.
The Libera me Domine a 8, at the end of the requiem was written by Paolo Bravusi. (1586-1630)
( in: Missae senis et octonis vocibus: Phalèse II, Antwerp 1578)

George de la Hèle. (1547-1586)
Kyrie a 6.
Sanctus a 6.
Agnus Dei a 6 & 7.
From Missa praeter rerum seriem; in: Octo missae, Plantin, Antwerp 1578.

Pedro Ruimonte, (1565-1627)
Agnus Dei (a 5&6) from: Missa ave virgo sanctissima; in: Missae sex IV.V.VI. Vocum, Phalèse II Antwerp 1604.

Duarte Lobo. (c.1565-1646)
Agnus Dei (a 4&5)
From: Missa Dum aurora; in: Liber LL missarum, Plantin, Antwerp 1639.

Performed by:
Graindelavoix, Björn Schmelzer.

A new release from Graindelavoix, and as per usual a good one. This ensemble gets a lot of positive reviews, but also attracts conservatives if it comes to performance practice. It's good for the intellectual balance I guess, but in the end your ears decide. My ears and musical knowledge say that it is good to have a refreshing wind blowing through the quarters of old. There are many ways in which to perform renaissance music, for neither of us know how it was performed. The singing of this ensemble is impeccable, they cannot be flawed in any way in the balance they create, the dynamics they apply, or the way they sing these works. This and much more is perfect.
As to the compositions on this CD, Schmelzer has some sensible things to say in how and why, essential reading before listening I might add. It is also a good idea to look on Wikipedia and read about all 4 composers on this disc. It is necessary for the preparation in understanding the music. I found some very useful information that helped me considerably to make loose ends meet.
As to the performance, well it's breathtaking. The total harmony and fluency, coupled with a state of the art recording, creates a virtual heaven of pure music. Every single voice blends, yet they melt into one sound, but every voice is distinguishable. The acoustics of the church give it a spiritual boost, and adds warmth and a sense of deep commitment. Should you have this recording. Absolutely, unless you disagree with all that Schmelzer stands for.
Firmly recommended.

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