Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Vranický, Pavel. (1756-1808) Symphonies.

From my collection.
Bought in 2012.
First listen: January & February 2012.
Second listen: November 2012.
Third listen: 22 & 23-3-2017.
Label: Supraphon. (2 CD'S)
Recording dates: 1988 & 1990.
Recording venues: Rudolfinum, Prague & Domovina Studio, Prague.
Recording engineer: Zdeněk Zahradnik.
Remastered by: Oldřich Slezák, ADK Studio, Prague, 2006.
Running time: 55:40 & 56:25.
Classical relevance to me: Well worth having.

Works performed: 
Symphony in D major, opus 53. c.1805.
In C minor, sine, opus. c.1800.
In D major, opus 36. c.1800.
In C major, opus 11. c.1790.

Performed by:
Dvořák Chamber Orchestra, Bohumil Gregor.

A composer that doesn't come often on my path, but back in 2012 I bought this twofar, and liked it, but further as that it did not go. Today I stumbled over it, and decided to re-listen it, for I could not remember how it sounded. Well first of all, the acoustics of the Rudolfinum is spacious with a reverb of about 5 seconds, which gives this concert hall a powerful feedback. A chamber orchestra gets as big as a full blown orchestra, and you simply have to acclimatize. This done, there is some nice listening time ahead.
Vranický is not the greatest composer around. His music is a bit derivative. His style clearly belongs to the Viennese classicism as represented by Haydn, Mozart and young Beethoven. And this is most evident in his symphonies, for you meet all three of them on a regular basis. But the genius about Vranický is that he works very inventively and creatively with the material at hand, and so cooks up works that hold both pleasure and melodic surprises, for it is all well written. So he can be markedly original in some instances, and as such he has his own individual style. And what comes out, I like enormously. He does not write blockbusters, but what comes out of his pen is rewarding nevertheless. The performances are remarkably good, and the recording is able to hold a tight focus on the music, without being too much bothered by the reverb. 

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