Thursday, March 9, 2017

Old Swedish Organs. CD 1 & 2, & 3.

From my collection.
Bought in 2016.
First listen: CD 1: 22-12-2016.
First listen: CD 2: 4-1-2017.
Second listen, both CD'S: 9-3-2017.
Label: BIS.
CD 1&2 from 3.
Recording dates:  CD 1: January 1975/May 1975/September 1980.
Recording dates: CD 2: September 1980/May 1978.
Recording engineer: Robert von Bahr.
Recording venues: 
1) The Organ of Västra Eneby Church, played by: Rune Engsö. Built between (1778-1789)
2) The Organ of Kuddby Church, played by: Rune Engsö. Built between (1827-28)
3) The Organ of Nysätra Church, played by: Hans Fagius. Built (1839.)
4) The Organ of Lillkyrka Church, played by: Hans Fagius. Built (1840-41)
5) The Organ of Gammalkil Church, played by: Rune Engsö. Built between (1802-06)
6) The Organ of Kungs-Husby Church, played by: Hans Fagius. Built (1833-34)
Running times: 76:00 & 68:49.
Classical relevance: For organ lovers essential.

Composers on disc 1 & 2.
Johann Gottfried Walther.
J.S. Bach.
Christian Ritter.
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.
Johannes Brahms. 
Max Reger.
Johann Georg Albrechtsberger.
Johann Pachelbel.
Henrik Philip Johnsen. *
Abbé Georg Joseph Vogler.
Johann Ludwig Krebs.
Mathias van den Gheyn. *
C.P.E. Bach.
Ludwig van Beethoven.
Johann Nepomuk Hummel.

Performers see above.

To start with, I take my hat off for the excellent booklet, were all registrations and stops are mentioned, and also a lot of info about the organs, like the tuning,  etc etc, nothing left out. This is from the old days of the label, when they put a lot of effort in such projects. I was not aware of these recordings until they were offered at a ridiculous low price in a sale at JPC. And what a lot to discover! Organs I never heard before, the organist Rune Engsö, new to me, and some composers of which I had not knowledge. (see* behind those composers) First of all am I impressed by the sound. Robert von Bahr is not always successful as a sound technician, but the first two discs in this box are top notch. As to the performers there are no complaints, they all have the sensitivity to treat the organs well, and never pushing them over their limit. The playing is alert, and the stops are wisely used. I could take out examples of works that made me very happy, but frankly all made me happy. The compositions are well chosen for they match perfectly. No one makes a show of it, but we get well balanced interpretations.
From Walther to Reger, or from Beethoven to Brahms all fits in these recordings. It goes no further as the 19th century, as the intent of the music is concerned
Marvelous set all round. Recommended.


From my collection..
Bought Autumn 2016.
First listen: 6-1-2017.
Second listen: 9-3-2017.
Label: BIS.
CD 3 from 3.
Recording dates: March & September 1977.
Recording venues: 
1) The Organ of Virestad. ( Smålands Museum, Växjö) (1690-1934-1953)
2) The Organ of Drottningholm Palace Chapel.1852-1974)
Recording engineers:  Musica Poetica.
Running time: 52:27.
Classical relevance: Essential. Top recommendation.

Composers on this disc:
Michael Praetorius (1586-1651)
Dietrich Buxtehude. (1637-1707)
Paulus Sivert. (1586-1666) *
Georg Böhm. (1661-1733)
Domenico Zipoli. (1668-1726)
Ferdinand (the younger) Zellbell. (1719-1780) *
Johann Gottfried Walther. (1684-1748)

Performed by:
Lena Jacobson.

Easily my favourite because of the composers and organs. Two composers I never heard before (those marked with an asterisk)
All the compositions are gems, and I like every one them. The music falls in my favourite era, and get a gorgeous treatment by Lena Jacobson. The Organs I never heard before, and that actually is true of all instruments used on this box with 3 CD'S. A great pleasure it was to go through this, and I will certainly repeat the journey many times. The recordings are excellent throughout and the booklet is top notch too. After reading it you will know all about the history and technical details of the organs.

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