Thursday, March 9, 2017

Nielsen, Carl. (1865-1931) Complete Orchestral Works. CD 4.

From my collection. 
Bought in 2012.
First listen: 8-1-2013.
Second listen: 9-3-2017.
Label: Classico.
CD 4 from 10.
Recording dates: January-August 2000/2003.
Recording venue: Liverpool concert Hall.
Recording engineer: Not mentioned, but it's a good one.
Running time: 63:36.
Classical relevance to me: Well worth having.

Works performed:
Aladdin Suite.
Symphonic Rhapsody.
Overture Helios.
Cupid and the Poet, Orchestral suite.
Paraphrase on "Nearer my God, to thee". (Instr/Arr-Knut Ketting)

Performed by:
Royal Liverpool PO, Douglas Bostock.

This box with music by Nielsen holds many treasures, but the last piece on this CD is not one of them. A piece of garbage by the hands of Knut Ketting, so you are warned beforehand, not being unaware of a loud and extremely painful crash that will damage your ears. 
Bostock takes an unsentimental approach with the music. He does not add and he does not take. As a bonus he holds the orchestra in a tight grip, so nobody will step out of line. Clean and straightforward it is. Thus what comes out I like, although a little warmth here and there would not go amiss. The orchestral lines are extremely clear. No playfulness, no freedom of expression, but following the notes in a very strict sense. At least you get the picture as Nielsen meant it to be.
He is a composer that stands with one leg in the tonal tradition, but ventures with the other leg into the regions of a new modernity, in which he was very much a forerunner. It takes some adjustment in some cases, as in the ensuing chaos of the "Marketplace in Ispahan", the fifth movement in the Aladdin Suite, in which 4 melody lines happily play together, brilliant as it is, confusing is the message. This suite shows Nielsen in a light that pleases me, but there are moments throughout his oeuvre, that can be unsettling. And I am not always in the mood for that, but that's for later. The rest of the works are done to perfection, and these interpretations can stand their ground against any competition.
Extremely well recorded too.

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