Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mortelmans, Lodewijk.. (1868-1952) Orchestral Works. Top recommendation.

From my collection.
Bought in 2014.
First listen: 18-2-2014.
Second listen: 29-3-2017.
Label: Hyperion.
Recording dates: September 2008.
Recording venue: Koningin Elisabethzaal,  Antwerp, Belgium.
Recording engineer: David Hinitt.
Running time: 66:46.
Reference performance and State of the Art recording.
Classical relevance to me: Essential

Works performed: 
Homeric Symphony (1898)
Morning Mood. (1922)
Myth of Spring. (1895)

Performed by:
Royal Flemish Philharmonic, Martyn Brabbins.

I have in my possession two Marco Polo CD'S with works of Flemish masters, amongst the composers is also Mortelmans. Now I always had a great hunger after unknown composers, so this CD is right in my alley. And as it is it happens to be, it is a CD with 3 great works of art, very great works. Singlehandedly this composer reinvents the romantic symphony all over again. The quality of these works is so great and significant, that in a nutshell I was overpowered by a strong urge yet again to applaud and standing up after the CD ended. Now how weird is that huh? The older one gets the more prone to silly gestures, or not?
I knew Mortelmans was better as some of the others of the Flemish masters I heard, including Benoit, but that he stands with head and shoulders above them all was a devastating surprise. With right one can say that the Symphony places him on a height as high as a king on a throne. His orchestration is of a order that I hardly comprehend, let alone fully understand. I have kept my ears in a high energy modus, just to get all the info at the right place, but it will take me several hearings more, to hum all without a failure. His melodic artistry is a color book with pastel shades, carefully applied, it lets every note shine as if a precious pearl. Not a second of boring gestures, all fits as tight as a glove. To compare him with other composers is useless, he is an entity on his own. He evokes a world that encompasses all what mankind can feel and paint and sculpture. And that does not even say what I feel when listening to his music. A tonal wonder.
Buy it!

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