Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lambert, Constant. (1905-1951) Tiresias & Pomona-Ballets.

From my collection.
Bought in 2010.
First listen: 30-5-2010.
Second listen: 29-3-2017.
Label: Hyperion.
Recording dates: April 1998.
Recording venue: Leeds Town Hall, England.
Recording engineer: Mike Clements.
Running time: 74:02.
Classical relevance to me: Reference performance and recording. Essential.

Works performed:
Pomona, a ballet in one act. (1927)
Tiresias, a ballet in three acts. (1950/51)

Performed by:
English Northern Philharmonia, David Lloyd-Jones.
Michael Cleaver, Piano.

I am a great admirer of Constant Lambert's ballet scores. He was really good in writing for this genre, and is quite unique in it's musical expression. The Neoclassical style with French musical leanings suits the modern ballet, and the way Lambert is fusing all kinds of musical influences of his time together is exhilarating and deeply interesting. It has a refreshing modernity that is captivating and challenging at the same time. The scores are bubbling with creativity, and at every turn something new is freshly invented. It is also nice to know that Dame Margot Fonteyn dance in 5 performances of Tiresias. What is hardly known is, that Fonteyn and Lambert had a passionate relationship for quite some time, when she still was very young. That probably instilled in him a love for ballet. And we are the beneficiaries today in getting such fine music. 
All in all this is a reference recording and performance for me, for all the right things come together in a fruitful way.

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