Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Haydn, Joseph. (1732-1809) The complete symphonies [Well almost] The Hogwood edition. CD 12.

From my collection.
Gifted to me in 2013.
First listen: 27-3-2014.
Second listen: 21-3-2017.
Label: L'oiseau-Lyre.
CD 12 from 32.
Recording dates: November 1988 & April 1989.
Recording venue: Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London, England.
Recording engineer: Not specifically mentioned.
Running time: 69:39.
Classical relevance to me: Essential.

Works recorded:
Symphony No. 30 in C major, : Alleluja".
No. 31 in D major, "Hornsignal".
No. 34 in D minor.

Performed by:
The Academy of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood.

Another success without end. Three gorgeous symphonies placed behind each other. I seem to enjoy more and more what is on offer in this box. And why should I wonder about that, these being almost perfect performances. You will be hard pressed to find better interpretations on authentic instruments. As rigorous as Hogwood is, in reaching for perfection, musicality is always the prime goal.
And in being thus inclined you get such wonderful contributions from the Horn in symphony No. 31. Frankly I have not heard this so good as on the present recording. And that goes for all three works, each of them the best Haydn could produce. But what would that matter if not having a perfect presentation? Well on that score Hogwood satisfies any possible craving, for they are lacking in none, and you get what's in it, a maximum treatment in Haydn's genius.
The recording is absolutely top notch.

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