Thursday, March 2, 2017

Grieg, Edvard. (1843-1907) Complete Symphonic Works, Volume II.

From my collection.
Bought Autumn 2016.
First listen: 2-11-2016.
Second listen: 2-3-2017.
Label: Audite.
Recording dates: August/September 2009.
Recording venue:  Not mentioned in the booklet, but it is is Köln, Germany.
Recording engineer: Mark Hohn.
Running time: 52:26.
Classical relevance: Well worth considering as a complete set.

Works performed: 
Two Elegiac Melodies, opus 34.
From Holberg's Time, opus 40.
Two melodies, opus 53.
Two Nordic melodies, opus 63.
Cow-call & Peasant dance.

Performed by: 
WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln, Eivind Aadland.

I bought all five volumes of this series, and I have no reason to regret this until now. The works get a new fresh outing by Aadland. I am not agreeing on all he does, but in the main he makes a pretty good impression. What I tend to dislike a bit about his interpretation that the ebb and flow of his dynamics during the music, is disturbing, from very soft to loud in a rapid succession. That is not how I remember this music to be. That has a certain predominance that can irritate. For me that is a drawback on this otherwise fine CD. Musically he gets out of it what's in there, every little detail that escapes us normally, Aadland digs it up. So Holberg Time is a new discovery because of it. I found the Cow-call & Peasant Dance quite amusing. A new work for me.
The recording needs you to hold the volume back, otherwise it gets too loud in the crescendos, but that's all okay for you will hear all, even at softer volumes, such is the quality of the recording.
So remember that Aadlands performances are not everybody's cup of tea. The dynamics he is applying will irritate many, for in outlook the music will sound hugely different to what you are used to. I am in two minds about it. As to the recording well, let me warn you that the strings will slam you in the face, one moment as soft as a peach, next moment as hard as steel.

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