Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dvorak, Antonin. (1841-1904) and Suk, Josef. (1874-1935) Orchestral Works.

From my collection.
Bought in 2012.
Label: Supraphon.
First listen: 31-1-2012.
Second listen: 12-5-2015.
Third listen: 28-3-2017.
Recording dates: 1980 and 1982.
Compilation date: 1991-1999
Recording venue: Smetana Hall of the Municipal House, Prague.
Recording engineers: Vaclav Zamazal and Vaclav Roubal.
Running time: 67:36.
Classical relevance to me: Essential, a mood changer:)


Antonin Dvorak.
Festival March. Polonaise in E flat major.
Polka in B flat major.
Prague Waltzes,
Waltzes opus 54. 1-8. (arr by J. Burghauser)

Josef Suk.

Fantastic Scherzo for Orchestra, opus 25.


Prague SO, Jiri Belohlavek.

One could safely say it's filled with happy carefree music, music composed for occasions. Who doesn't know the delightful waltzes, opus 54, with their infectious melodies that stay with you for days after hearing them, or the fine Polka with its finely chiseled harmonies. The Scherzo by Suk is a matching piece of blatant happiness. Whatever the music does to you, this performance will bring you good cheer. All sounds effortless and relaxed, and is recorded in the warm acoustics of the Smetana house, directed by a fine conductor.  Would have wished to hear more detail as it is.
The world gets sunny in an instant when the A major waltz slides into your ears ever so gently.
The Scherzo from Suk is a bit more serious, despite the fact that the composer thought it a mere trifle and minor composition. It's none of those things.

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