Wednesday, March 22, 2017

d' Erlanger, Frederic. (1868-1943) * Cliffe, Frederic. (1857-1931) "The Romantic Violin Concerto", Volume 10. Top recommendation.

From my collection.
Bought in 2011.
First listen: 31-1-2011.
Second listen: 24-4-2014.
Third listen: 22-3-2017.
Label: Hyperion.
Recording dates: 2010.
Recording venue: BBC Hoddinott Hall, Cardiff.
Recording engineer: David Hinitt.
Running time: 69:45.
Classical relevance to me: Essential. Reference performance, and top recommendation.


Frederic d' Erlanger.

Violin Concerto in D minor, opus 17. (1902)
Poeme in D major. (1918, orchestrated c.1926)

Frederic Cliffe.

Violin concerto in D minor. (1896)


Philippe Graffin, Violin.
BBC National Orchestra of Wales, David Lloyd Jones.

This is a demonstration class recording. The ambiente fits so perfectly around the violin, and gives the orchestra such a depth, that hardly anything escapes you. And there is a lot to enjoy. Truly romantic this music is. It will embrace you, with its haunting melodies, and the gorgeous adagio's, in the best tradition of the romantic concerto. The Violin is such a apt instrument to convey feelings of passion and the urge to express this whether your are the performing musician, or the one that is listening to the music. It will satisfy both. For the technical demands are high for the violinist, and the sense of the listener has to be attuned to what the music has on offer. The  concerto by d' Erlanger is in the context of all existing violin literature one, that can easily hold its place with the ones that are considered the greats. If the first movement does not convince you, the second one will no doubt plunge you in admiration. Its one of the best romantic Adagio movement I've heard so far.

And the quirky Allegro Molto that follows, gets you spirits up in no time. A fine conversation the Violin has with the orchestra. d'Erlanger did well in scoring so equally well for both participants. Lyrical, melodious, inventive, I consider this a great concerto! The poem could be a Fourth movement to the Violin concerto, for it goes on in the same vein.

I have some Orchestral works by Cliffe, and admire this composer very much. His Violin concerto is a powerful piece of overwhelming beauty, that grasps you the moment the first movement starts.  His melodious skills, which he already showed in his orchestral works, I have heard, are build together in music that has such an deep emotional message, that it easily conforms to whatever emotional experience you had in your own life. It fits itself around your personality, the fact that this music can do that shows you how perfectly it is conceived. Just let the second movement cover you in all its beauty, its such a charmer, with very pretty soloistic accents, spread all over it.

The Lento intro of the third movement is awesome, I have no other word for it. Its almost a lament, that quickly goes over in the most optimistic tunes you can imagine. The same power as in the first movement pops up again and frames the composition with some inspiring melodies, and perfect harmonies. If you love this Romantic violin series by Hyperion, this is a disc you really want, nee, need! The performance is all what you want. Big kudos to performers and sound engineer.

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