Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bach, J.S. Complete Organ Works, (Aeolus Edition) CD 6.

From my collection.
Bought: November 2014.
First listen: 16-12-2014.
Second listen: 2-3-2017.
Label: Aeolus.
CD 6 from 19.
Recording dates: October 2008.
Recording engineer: Christoph Martin Frommen.
Running time: 72:44.
Classical relevance to me: Essential.

Works performed:

Praeludium and Fuge, BWV 533.

Chorale der Neumeister Sammlung.

BWV 1104-1120.

Chorale der Schubler Sammlung.

BWV 646/47/649.

Praeludium BWV 569.

Instrument played on.

Johann Andreas Silbermann Organ 1745, Wasselonne, France.
See for picture of this organ the review of disc 5. (Search function)

Played by Ewald Kooiman. (1938-2009)

I can only repeat what I have already said in the first 5 volumes out of this series, it's essential to have. No Bach lover can pass up these recordings. Do not deprive yourself of such excellence, you will be the poorer for it. The riches are enormous, your understanding of Bach will massively improve and so will your pleasure listening to it. Ewald Kooiman draws you into his world with such ease, that you almost become part of the instrument yourself. The Neumeister collection makes me always happy to hear, as the Schubler collection, such well written pieces.

The sound is spectacular.

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