Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Woyrsch, Felix. (1860-1944) Orchestral works. Symphony No. 3,

From my collection.
Bought in January 2017.
First listen: 7-2-2017.
Second listen: 24-2-2017.
Label: CPO.
Recording dates: March 2013.
Recording venue: Großer Sendesaal des Landesfunkhaus Hannover, Germany.
Recording engineer: Helge Martensen.
Running time: 60:11.
Classical relevance:

Works performed:
Symphony No. 3, opus 70.
Drei Böcklin Phantasien, opus 53.

Works performed by:
Oldenburgisches Staatsorchester, Thomas Dorsch.

Not an unknown composer in my book. What is in my collection is highly respected by me. Works from this composer are not thick on the ground, so again we are indebted for CPO for giving him a chance to upgrade his underrated accomplishments. And those are not below any measure you might take. Essentially Woyrsch was a autodidact, he grabbed his knowledge wherever he could. And that meant an impressive list of composers he studied extensively, from as far as the renaissance to the 20th century. At the end of that learning he was one of the leading composers of his time.
In the Symphony first movement you find some pretty massive brass like with Bruckner. It has the same build up. The strings also have these long lines Bruckner puts in his symphonies.  That is a impression that goes through the whole symphony, but it does not mean he is slavishly following one or the other composer. Woyrsch carries many influences of divers composers in his music, from classical to late romantic, and this mix makes this music hugely interesting. I like the work very much.
The opus 53 is a very impressive composition. It is a bundle of magical energy, with so many paths into the realm of the magical and fantastic, that it becomes a tonal picture of the most luscious colours. Filigree strings, hushed alleys of the unknown, dark corners, in fact introspective in such a way, that it is absolutely a walk into a dense forest, without light, but with ghosts from the past making their way through this absoluteness. It is a small wonder of creative writing, that in the end a open sky is visible. 
The recording is very good, all the details are audible, and there is an enormous depth in this venue.

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