Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Purcell Brothers, Daniel (c.1664-1717) and Henry (1659-1695) Chamber music. (Second rerun)

From my collection.
Bought in February 2017.
First listen: 14-2-2017.
Second listen: 18-2-2017.
Label: Christophorus.
Recording dates: October 2006.
Recording venue: Studio Gärtnerstraße, Berlin-Lankwitz, Germany.
Recording engineer: Henri Thaon.
Running time: 58:54.
Classical relevance for me: For those that like the instrument a good acquisition.

Works performed:
Compositions for recorder, cello and Harpsichord.

Performed by:
Ensemble Mediolanum.

I knew some of the music, but I never heard anything by this ensemble. But you do not have to have any worries about the artistic part. It is well played and performed. Dedicated musicians play popular music of it's time. It does not demand a huge amount of concentration to enjoy what's on offer. Simply but effective music to leisure away the time in a pleasant way. There are solo pieces for Harpsichord by Daniel Purcell which are very good, and some pieces by Henry Purcell for Recorder and BC. A fine CD to start the listening day with.
The recording is excellent, and apart from a few moments of uneasiness with the high pitch of the recorder all is okay.

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