Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Röntgen, Julius. (1855-1932) Orchestral works.

From my collection.
Bought in January 2014.
First listen: 29-1-2014,
Second listen: 8-2-2017.
Label CPO 777-310-2.
Recording dates: June-July 2008.
Recording venue: Enschede Muziek centrum, The Netherlands.
Recording engineer: Stephan Reh.
Running time: 61:32.
Classical relevance: Essential for Röntgen fans.

Works performed:

1) Symphony No. 6, "Rijck God, wie sal ic claghen".
2) Symphony No. 19, "B.A.C.H. ".
3) Symphony No 5, "Schnitter Tod".

Performed by:

Consensus Vocalis, ( Semi professional choir) Symphony No. 5 and 6.
Marcel Beekman, Tenor. Symphony No. 5.
Netherlands SO, David Porcelijn.

Another successful instalment in the ongoing Rontgen series at CPO. So far his music never disappoints, on the contrary, its always a joy to hear his compositions.

The sixth Symphony aided by Consensus Vocalis, is a beautifully crafted work, wholly in the tradition of his other works. The choir is a bit unsteady and at loud passages gets a tad untidy, and they lose focus. At certain moments the choir is simply to loud for my ears. Porcelijn was in this case negligent.  It did not help that you can clearly hear that the choir is not the best on offer.But on the whole, it works well. In the fifth symphony we have a adequate tenor, with a reasonable diction but an unsteady voice, and a choir that performs better as in the sixth but is also too loud, where it should be a tad less. A melancholy work, a bit wayward, sad in its demeanor. The allegretto movement is at times a bit too slow, and loses momentum, especially around 7:50 till 8:40, and for my sense of tempi it could have been faster, not seriously so, but I clearly had a moment of losing interest. Symphony No.19 is a masterwork, I enjoyed every moment of it, again well crafted. The recording is excellent, as is the performance. Recommended.

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