Thursday, February 9, 2017

Reznicek, Emil Nikolaus von. (1860-1945) Orchestral Works.

From my collection.
Bought in November 2014.
First listen: 20-11-2014,
Second listen: 9-2-2017.
Label: CPO
Recording dates:  February and May 2004.
Recording venue: Kölner Philharmonie, Germany.
Recording engineer: Christoph Gronarz.
Running time: 65:45.
Classical relevance: Essential.

Works performed:

Ein Lustspiel-Ouvertüre.
Theme and Variations over a poem by Adalbert von Chamisso, "Tragische Geschichte". *
Symphonic Variations over "Kol Nidrey".
Bonus Tracks:

1) Ein Lustspiel overture & Overture "Diana" conducted by the composer with the Opernorchester Parlophon, recorded in 1922.

Performed by:

WDR Sinfonieorchester Koln. Michail Jurowski.
Alexander Vassiliev, Bass,* in track 11 in Theme and Variations.

Ein Lustspiel-Overture is a brilliantly written show piece, in which Reznicek put all his ingenuity, and gets a ravishing performance. A great intro into this fine disc. Theme and Variations have a lot of magical melodies, mysterious alley ways, and solo's for divers instruments that take your breath away. It very much reminded me of Paul Dukas "The sorcerer's Apprentice". The same geniality and absurdity. Again masterly written, a filigree spectre of small snippets of dazzling virtuosity. Why this composer has been forgotten I do not to comprehend. Anyways the bass in track 11 is a funny touch, doesn't add much to the geniality of the piece, but I guess Reznicek wanted to make some kind of a point.

Kol Nidrey starts with a mighty impressive Largo Religioso, which has a devastating impact, I really did not see that coming, gorgeous, followed by a shining pearl in the form of a Allegro Larghetto, perfectly written out of the first movement. In my vision Kol Nidrey is a master work, the richness of the scoring, and the opulent creativity are of an order that is far beyond almost anything I ever heard. Take my word for it, it is an essential disc to have. Excellent performances and sound recordings. 
The historical recordings are great fun, and an eyeopener to how things were done in 1922.

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