Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Kuhnau, Johann. (1660-1722) Complete Organ Works. CD 3.

From my collection 
Bought in May 2015.
First listen: 11-6-2016.
Second listen: 7-2-2017.
Label: Brilliant.
CD 3 from 3.
Recording dates: May 2014 & August 2014.
Recording venue: Marienkirche, Rotha, Germany.
Recording engineer: Simone Bellucci.
Running time: 75:03.
Classical relevance: Essential recordings.

Works performed:

Frische Clavier Fruchte.
Sonata No. 1-7.

Works performed by:

Stefano Molardi.


Gottfried Silbermann, 1722, Rotha, Germany.

I thought after two cd's that this could not get any better, but the third cd surprised me in that respect. A musical salivating experience, and a spiritual uplifting if there ever was one. We should all treat Kuhnau as a composer that has all the qualities of J.S. Bach. He is as important too.

Every sonata on this disc is a gem. I know them from recordings on a harpsichord, but the version on organ is much more effective as I thought. Molardi squeezes out every ounce of richness, and makes this a veritable feast to listen too. The organ is made for this music, and the recording is top notch.

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