Monday, February 6, 2017

Jadassohn, Salomon. (1831-1902) Symphony No 3 & 4. Cavatine for Cello & Orchestra.

From my collection
Bought in March 2015.
First listen: 5-3-2015.
Second listen: 27-3-2015.
Third listen: 24-11-2016.
Fourth listen: 6-2-2017.
Label: CPO. 
CD 2 from 2.
Recording dates: January 2010 & May 2013.
Recording venue: Konzerthalle CPE Bach, Frankfurt an der Oder.
Recording engineers: Andreas Ruge & Holger Urbach.
Running time CD II: 68:02.
Classical relevance: For me essential, and maybe for you too?

Works performed: 

Symphony No. 3, opus 50 in D major.
Symphony No. 4, opus 101, in C minor.
Cavatine for Cello & Orchestra, opus 120.

Works performed by:

Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester, Frankfurt, Howard Griffiths.
Thomas Georgi, Cello.

As with disc 1, I find that disc 2 is a complete success in terms of the music performance and recording. Griffiths keeps the tempi high with good reason, what otherwise would be too sweet to stomach, now gets a flair that pushes the music beyond its capabilities. Symphony No 3 has many influences by Schumann and Brahms, while in No 4 Dvorak and Brahms pops up. But the genius about these pieces is, that despite the influences of said composers, the music sounds totally original, for he might take some ideas of them, the way he reworks them in his own fabric is unique, and gives him a good position between all the composers of his time. And let's be honest ,all composers influenced each other in some sort of way, and we never make a point of that. Another composer with which he has much in common is Theodore Gouvy, I especially heard that in both symphonies. It's totally lovable music, well written, with melodic lines that enchant and keep your firm at the music. My reaction was when finished with this cd, lets play them all again, right away. And that's the best compliment I can give the music. 

The recording is very good!

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