Monday, February 20, 2017

Haydn, Joseph. (1732-1809) (Almost) Complete Symphonies. The Hogwood Edition, CD 6.

From my collection.
Gifted to me in 2013.
First listen: 16-10-2013.
Second listen: 20-2-2017.
Label: L'Oiseau-Lyre.
CD 6 from 32.
Recording dates: January 1992.
Recording venue: Walthamstow Assembly Hall, London, England.
Recording engineer: Not specifically named for this recording.
Running time: 57:31.
Classical relevance to me: Essential.

Works performed:
Symphony No. 33 in C major. (1764)
No. 36 in E flat major. (1765)
No. 108 in B flat major. Partita. (1759-1760)

Performed by:
Academy of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood.

Finally i am bowed over to Hogwoods vision on how to perform Haydn's Symphonies. Not in the least because he corroborated with a eminent scholar Professor James Webster of Cornell University in Ithaca in the state of New York. Having read a lot about his research into Haydn and the performance practice, and now hearing the result, I am finally come to the conclusion, that even I do not totally go with the tempi, the instruments used, and the way it is interpreted is sound and just.
Hogwood is such a stickler for details, and this orchestra plays all so perfectly, that the result is a super balanced and well articulated piece of musical excellence. At first when playing this set I was blinded by other performances I have, in terms of tempi and phrasing, and the use of winds in certain symphonies, that I tended to see Hogwoods vision as wrongheaded, but the wrongheadedness was mine alone. Next time read more!
All works on this CD are written in the major key and are optimistic in character as Haydn's works often are. And again there are so many felicitous bits of melodies, with big elements of surprise, that I can do none other as marvel at the result that Haydn achieved yet again, to instill all three works with his characteristically turn of genius. 
The recording is top notch. No hooting of the Horns anymore.

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