Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ballet Gala-CD 34&35 from Ballet Masterpieces-The World's favourite ballets and Ballet suites.

From my collection.
Bought in 2010.
First listen: CD 34. 6-6-2013, Second listen: 16-2-2017.
First listen: CD 35. 10-6-2013. Second listen: 16-2-2017.
Label: DECCA.
CD 34&35 from 35.
Recording dates: June 1988.
Recording venue: Henry Wood Hall, London, England.
Recording engineer: Stanley Goodall.
Running times: 64:26&64:10.
Classical relevance to me: Essential.

Composer, arrangers and works on CD 34&35.

Leon Minkus, arr. Peter March. Grand pas-Paquita.
Cesare Pugni, arr. Peter March. Pas de quatre.
Jacques Offenbach. Le Papillon.
Leon Minkus, arr. Peter March. Pas de Deux-Don Quixote.
Riccardo Drigo, arr. John Lanchbery. Pas de Deux-Le Corsaire.
Daniel François Esprit Auber. Pas classique 
Les Rendez-vous arr. Constant Lambert. 
Riccardo Drigo. arr Peter March. Pas de Deux-Diane et Actéon.
Domenico Scarlatti. arr. Vincenzo Tommasini.-The Good humoured Ladies.
Ambroise Thomas-Françoise de Rimini.

Performed by:
English Chamber Orchestra, Richard Bonynge.

A marvelous close of this box with 35 CD'S of goodies, all arrangements done in good taste with here and there a piece, that goes a bit over the top. Especially the arranger Peter March has a hand in this. John Lanchbery is adding his bit with a tad too much bombast in his arrangements. but it's all above board, although not always effective.  The sound is good, but I expected a bit more bloom from this hall, and a bit more effort from the engineer to get that. Altogether I heard better sound from this source. It will take some time before I return to this box, but another one is lined up with 10 CD'S also on the label DECCA, with little or no overlap. Looking forward to that.

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