Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bach, J.S. Complete Organ Works. (The Brilliant Recordings, Stefano Molardi) CD 3.

New acquisition.
Added to my collection: January 2017.
First listen: 1-2-2017.
Label: Brilliant.
CD 3 from 15.
Recording dates: April/May 2013.
Recording venue: Stadtkirche "Zur Gotteshilfe"Waltershausen, Thuringia Germany.
Recording engineer: Simone Bellucci.
Running time: 79:52.
Classical relevance: A much better proposition as the previous 2 CD'S.

Works performed:

BWV 545/529/535/645-647/594/768.

Performed by:
Stefano Molardi.

T.H.G Trost Organ (1722-?1741)
Modified meantone.
Pitch: A= 466.8 Hz at 15 degrees celsius.

The third CD came as a surprise, for it did hold my attention throughout of the whole playing time.
Molardi's is a minimalist approach. Much embellishments there are not, and he is rather reluctant to play ball in terms of dynamics. His interpretation is more a introspective and therefore contemplative design. Despite the big organ, all sounds very intimate. He never blows you away, even though he could. In this I recognize the style of Molardi. So the notes are sacrosanct to him, and that means not a big show of effects, but rather a sober way of playing. This said, the third CD sounds to me more relaxed and with just a bit more expression. The flow is even, and the details get more accents. It lets you hear a Bach which is not often heard. It still has not the depth it needs, but if this is the way the rest of the cycle is done, there is at least more pleasure in it for me. The restraint a bit gone, I feel that if he works from this point it may be more acceptable as I might have thought after the first two CD'S. One even hears some virtuosic details previously unheard. So all in all a marked positive difference in the quality of the music.
The organ sounds just gorgeous due to the fine recording. Let's hope that the rest of the CD'S will be as good or better.

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