Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bach, J.S. (1685-1750) The Complete Organ Works. (Brilliant edition, Stefano Molardi) CD 4

New acquisition.
Added to my collection: January 2017.
First listen.
Label: Brilliant.
Recording dates: April/May 2013.
Recording venue: Stadtkirche "Zur Gotteshilfe" Waltershausen, Thuringia, Germany.
Recording engineer: Simone Bellucci.
Running time: 76:51.
Classical relevance: Of mild interest.

Works performed:
Toccata and fugue, BWV 540a
Fugue, BWV 579.
Schübler Chorales, BWV 648-650.
Orgelbüchlein, BWV 618-631.
Trio Sonata, BWV 530.

Performed by:
Stefano Molardi.

T.H.G. Trost organ (1722-?1741)

It is really hard to be positive about this set so far, for there is actually little to be happy about. For one the speed in which Bach's work was recorded is shown in the sometimes shabby playing, and some funny interpretative decisions he makes in some well known pieces on disc 4. And what sparse ornamentation he adds, or tempi decisions he made, they are most of them out of place and besides the context. His minimalist approach pays some dividends, but not enough to warrant this complete recording. In that I think it was a huge mistake to put this set in a highly competitive market, as an alternative, because it really is not. Would it have been not a better choice by Brilliant to license one of the two Bach cycles by Ewald Kooiman, or the now OOP box done by Christopher Herrick on Hyperion, this being a very distinguished set in performance and sound. Well, what is not today, could be reality tomorrow. If Molardi plays on for the rest of the 11 CD'S in what he does on CD 4, than I really do not think it will be remembered for long. 
The sound is really good, albeit with a lot of action noise at times.

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